Third-Hand Smoke Linked To Diabetes

We’ve known the negative health impact of smoking for years. Smoking can have serious effects on the overall health of the smoker, and it can leave to some severe complications. While we’ve known the impact of first-hand smoke, a lot of research is coming out about the impact of third hand smoke and its connection to diabetes. This article is going to look at the recent data that looks at the relationship between diabetes and third-hand smoke, and it will also detail the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best life insurance coverage.

The negative effects of smoke, both first and second hand, have been known for years. But researchers at the University of California may have found that thirdhand smoke could be just as harmful. The study was published in PLOS ONE and showed that the third-hand smoke could cause problems in insulin resistance.

third hand smokeThird-hand smoke is classified as smoke that has gotten on surfaces like clothing, cars, hair, or fabrics and is carried around other people who then inhale the fumes. For years, people thought that these smells were nothing more than a nuisance and impossible to get rid of, but this study could change the way that we look at the smoke smell. The third-hand smoke can stick around in furniture, wallpaper, or clothing long after the cigarette has been smoked. The chemicals from the cigarettes have been found over two decades after a smoker moved out of a home.

This is not the first research study done on the health effects of third-hand smoke on mice. Previously, scientists used mice to see the effects that the smoke could have on the live and lungs. They did this by having mice live in habitats that had carpet, curtains, and fabrics. Some of the fabrics had been exposed to smoke and others hadn’t. For those mice exposed to the third-hand smoke, it caused insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. If you do need help finding cheap life insurance for diabetics, we can help.

The mice that were exposed to the dangerous tobacco toxins showed increased oxidative stress, gained weight, and have severe insulin resistance. All of these symptoms can lead to being diagnosed with diabetes in later years.

If this correlation is found in humans as well, it could have a huge impact on the way that we view cigarettes and the lingering effects. The scientists say these results are extremely important for both elderly and infants. Older people have a lower immune system and organs that are not as effective as younger people. Infants are more at risk because of how much time they spend on objects that hold these harmful toxins.

The study was funded by the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP) that works to explore and educate others on the impact that all forms of tobacco have on the human body. The research from the study created interest in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. With this information, they initiated a “no smoking in family child care homes” law in California. The TRDRP is hoping to have a further impact on the awareness of the adverse effects third-hand smoke can have years after moving into a home.

So if you moved into a house of a previous smoker, should you be worried? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some researchers believe that it’s easy enough to remove the toxins in the fabrics while other experts believe that avoiding houses of previous smokers is your best bet.

Now that this study has come out, there is going to be a lot more scientists that start looking at the correlation between the two, and we may get a better picture of what you should do if you move into the home of a pervious smoker. Regardless of the strength of the relationship, there are some ways that you can clean out the toxins of the home to protect your health.

Tips For Cleaning Third-Hand Smoke

If you’ve moved into a home where a smoker used to live, or you used to smoke yourself, it can seem almost impossible to remove the smell from your home and furniture. If you’re trying to get rid of that lingering smoke smell, there are a couple of things you can do to breathe in the fresh air.

Before you start cleaning, remember to put on a mask and gloves to avoid inhaling more toxins. Start by thoroughly washing all of your walls with hot water and a cleaning agent. If should wash every wall at least twice. After you have washed the walls, you should repaint the walls with two or three coats paint.

If there is carpet in the home, remove all of the carpet and padding, and wash all of the floors. After removing the carpet, be sure to remove all of upholstery and fabrics like curtains, table clothes, and couch cushions. You will also need to clean out all of the vent ducts and replace air filters in the house.

Third-Hand Smoke, Diabetes, and Life Insurance

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