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If you are diabetic searching for a life insurance policy, then the first thing you have to think about it what type of policy you need. If you are looking for permanent coverage that doesn’t expire at a certain date or age, then whole life insurance is your best bet.

What is Whole Life and How Does Being Diabetic Factor In?

Whole life, also called permanent life insurance, because it provides coverage for your entire lifetime. There is no expiration date or increase in premium when you reach a certain age. When you get whole life insurance, whether you have diabetes or not, the premium remains the same and your policy stays in force as long as you pay those premiums.

If you have diabetes, there are going to be challenges to obtaining the best rates for whole life insurance, but keep in mind that your overall blood sugar control plays a big part in this.

Continue reading to learn more about different types of permanent coverage available for diabetics, depending on your blood sugar control.

Types of Whole Life Available to Diabetics

If you have assessed your needs and you think permanent life insurance is best, then the next step is to figure out which type of permanent policy you can qualify for. If you’re diabetic, then your blood sugar control, measured by the hemoglobin A1C test will factor into what type of policy you are able to obtain.

If you have excellent blood sugar control, meaning your a1c is 7.0 or less, then you will likely be able to qualify for a traditional whole life insurance policy at a standard or better rate. Keep in mind that underwriters require a medical examination in order to qualify for a traditional policy.

  • If your a1c is a little higher, between 7.1 and 8.5, then you may be able to qualify for a traditional whole life policy, but not at standard rates.
  • If your a1c is 8.6 to 9.9, then it will be challenging to find an insurance company to offer you a traditional policy, but it is not impossible. Keep in mind that your rates will be higher with this a1c range. If you have serious health issues from diabetic complications, then a graded life insurance policy may be your best option
  • If your a1c is 10.0 and above, then a guaranteed issue life insurance might be the only option available for you.

Learn more details about forms of whole life insurance available to you if you have diabetes. If you have questions and want to speak with a knowledgeable, independent insurance agent, please call 1-877-801-4402.

Graded Life Insurance for Diabetics

Graded Life Insurance for Diabetics

Being a diabetic means that you have to be aware of your blood sugar level at all times. You have to keep an eye on your diet and make sure you exercise in order to stay healthy and fend off any diabetic complications.

This is the best case scenario. But let’s face it. Diabetes is a tough disease. It takes a lot of responsibility and management to keep your blood sugars in a normal range, when your body is not doing what it normally would do.

If your glucose levels have been higher than normal and your body has developed diabetic complications over time, then your life insurance options will narrow. Continue Reading