Coffee Isn’t the Magic Trick to Lower Life Insurance for Diabetics

Coffee Isn’t the Magic Trick to Lower Life Insurance for Diabetics

Coffee cuts risk of diabetes. This is the headline of an article I read this morning. My curiosity got the best of me and I skimmed the article. And then I sighed.

The article goes on to report findings that show “six cups of coffee a day lowered Type 2 diabetes risk by a third compared to drinking no coffee.”

Six cups of coffee per day? Come on. Now this is getting ridiculous. What if that coffee is doused with sweet cream and sugar? Wouldn’t that raise the likelihood of getting diabetes. I’m being silly, but this is inherently one of the issues with this disease.

The Bottom Line

Improving or wiping out type 2 diabetes is not going to happen by sipping a cup o joe every morning (or six cups!). It doesn’t work that way. That is what you wish can happen.

The bottom line is that improving your blood sugars and even eliminating type 2 diabetes happens by consciously deciding to clean up your eating habits and adopting a regular exercise routine.

I talk to people every day who have type 2 diabetes and the general attitude I get is often the same. Hi, my name is Joe. I am looking for life insurance. By the way, I am looking for diabetic life insurance quotes, and these are the medications I take.Which company will give me the best life insurance rate?

That is keeping it simple. For the most part, people want to get the lowest possible life insurance rates with diabetes that they can, which I understand. But very few people ask or inquire about what they can do to get better rates as a diabetic. Most people just don’t want to put in the effort.

If they asked, I would tell them that if you take 3 to 6 months and work very diligently on eating better, exercising, and maintaining visits with your doctor, you could save thousands of dollars over the life of your policy because your blood sugars will be way better and so your rate will be much lower.

Improve Your Blood Sugars, Lower Your Rates

The purpose of this post is just to let you know that there is no magic when it comes to controlling, preventing, or eliminating diabetes. You have to take charge of your health and your body and that takes work. Being mindful of what you eat and how much you eat and getting up and getting out to move your body are the healthiest and most sensible ways to help your body normalize and harmonize your blood sugar.

I have some articles on the site to help you learn how to get your blood sugar in check, and there are many resources, books, and websites out there designed to educate diabetics on how to improve their health.

If you have diabetes and you need life insurance, then we provide a connection to independent insurance agents who have access to dozens of companies, and know which companies have the most favorable rates for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. If you need a quote, just enter your zip code in the quote box to get started online or call to speak with a live agent 1-877-801-4402.

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