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Common Terms all Diabetics Should Know

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, it can completely change your whole world. It will flip your life upside down, but it doesn’t have to be that dramatic. The condition is going to impact every area of your life, but there are a few simple changes that you can make that can help you improve your health without having to completely overhaul your day-to-day life.

Your health should always be one of your main focuses. We all live busy lives. Trying to juggle work, kids, families, errands, and much more can cause us to shove our health to the back burner. If you have diabetics and don’t give your health the attention that it deserves, then you could be facing some serious health problems down the road.

There are a couple of keywords that you should take note of to ensure that you understand your condition and how it impacts your body. This article is going to look at some of the main components of diabetes. Continue Reading

Life Insurance for Diabetics on Bile Acid Sequestrates

When applying for life insurance protection, the underwriters at the insurance company will need to review a wide variety of factors in order to determine whether the applicant will be qualified for the coverage. Many of these criteria will center around the person’s overall health and health history as this will play a key role… Continue Reading

Life Insurance For Diabetic Smokers

Everyone knows that smoking isn’t good for you, but how does it affect someone with diabetes? Maybe you’re a smoker and you have just been diagnosed with Diabetes. Or perhaps just a smoker looking for life insurance for diabetics. Regardless it’s important to know how smoking relates to diabetes. Diabetes is a disease where blood sugar… Continue Reading

10 Diabetes Superfoods

An article provided by the American Diabetes Association about ten diabetes superfoods provided a great start to planning my weekly diet for type 2 diabetes.  The ten best foods included on their list all had a low glycemic index and included other key nutrients such as calcium, fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E… Continue Reading

Alcohol and Diabetes

Many of us will be attending Super Bowl parties in the coming week, and wonder what is safe for a person with type 2 diabetes.  Of course, any individual decision should be discussed with your personal physician or care team, but in general these, listed below, are the common sense guidelines provided by the American… Continue Reading